Servant's Heart Expands into Kenya

A few years ago, we learned of a college in the Kenyan Rift Valley that was struggling to get established. It was operating totally without computers and the roof of their main building was caving in. The Edama Ravine Bible College trains pastors in Kenya and was restricted by their lack of infrastructure, only able to graduate a few students per year. Over the past few years, school leadership has transitioned from foreign missionaries to indigenous Kenyan leadership and received virtually no financial assistance from outside. The new school principal, the Rev. Joseph Kendagor, embraced this fledgling school and has a vision for the school's growth. With over 20 years of pastoral experience and biblical scholarship, Rev Kendagor has taken on growing the school to its potential. The college facilities are sufficient but the library is lacking and there is no IT infrastructure. Most students have never done any work on a computer and have no idea where to start. Servant's Heart is committed to helping this fledgling Bible school increase its quality of pastoral education.

Servant's Heart supports Pastor John Wiyuol who oversees more than 25 churches in the Upper Nile Region. The church in this area is growing rapidly since God has led Servant's Heart to minister here in Southern Sudan. Since Pastor John has returned from several years in Bible school in Kenya, he has seen a church coming out of hiding and persecution transformed and growing in the grace of God.

The growth of church congregations in various villages led to a multi-church gathering that lasted almost a week. There was singing from church choirs and preaching from five pastors. Bringing people together from different villages, tribes and languages to worship was a remarkable blessing for a people who for decades had been in hiding. 230 people were recently baptized in a nearby river.

Church attendance is growing, women's fellowship groups are starting up, and prayer requests are being shared. Along with this growth is the obvious need for more bibles and hymnals but also for more training and discipleship of the new believers. Please pray with us and then help us to provide the help that we can to our brothers and sisters in Christ.