“If you ask what is good of education the answer is easy -
that education makes good men, and good men act nobly.”


Throughout history we have seen Christian organizations take the lead in education. Sunday schools began as a way to take children living on the streets and educating them so as to give them a future and a hope. Many of our prestigious colleges began as Christian institutions. Servant’s Heart opened our first school in Daga Post and has expanded over the years with schools in Chotbura and Wudier. There had never been any schools in this area of Southern Sudan so in our first years we would sometimes have students in first grade who were twenty years old. Twenty years old and excited to be given the opportunity to learn to read and write!

Today, we have nearly 3,000 students enrolled in our three schools in grades 1 thru 5. It is our hope to be able to add one grade a year as funding permits. Textbooks, uniforms and all the blackboards and other necessities are always in need and must be purchased and flown in.

The world is in need of good men and women and good men and women that act nobly. It is our desire to provide Southern Sudan with such people. Please join with us and give these students a future and a hope.

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School Lunch Program

Food supplies are slim throughout South Sudan this year and children are often the most vulnerable when this happens. Crops damaged by flooding rains combined with higher food prices impacted food availability throughout the region. Servant’s Heart appealed to the UN World Food Program (WFP) and USAID on behalf of the people in this area and they provided needed grains and food to supply our school lunch program.

Our elementary schools provide essential education and a school lunch when needed. The high cost of food and fuel is affecting transportation expenses in Africa and food was delivered by truck instead of air, as it has been previously.