Servant’s Heart is a faith-based organization working in war-torn Sudan and East Africa. Our mandate is to serve as Christ served. Servant’s Heart offers aid, training, encouragement and hope to a long suffering people living in a very remote area of South Sudan.

Making a Difference

Servant’s Heart obeys the call of Christ to serve. Lives are given hope and healing in Southern Sudan. Joining resources, people and prayers, Servant’s Heart is making a difference by:

  • Providing humanitarian relief
  • Operating free medical clinics
  • Supporting pastors and churches
  • Distributing Bibles in local languages
  • Teaching children to be literate
  • Strengthening communities


Servant’s Heart provides material assistance to the indigenous Christian churches in the region. Almost every small-to-large village has a church. There are 3 senior Sudanese pastors overseeing more than 35 smaller churches, visiting each church several times per year. 

Servant’s Heart, with your support, provides Bibles in various local languages, hymnals and other written materials. Several of the larger churches have had tin roofs put on the building, or had their church building repaired after storms, with assistance from Servant’s Heart. 

Servant’s Heart also provides training for the indigenous pastors, deacons, deaconesses, and other church leaders. This is their church community, but Servant’s Heart is partner with them to provide assistance that they are unable to provide for themselves.

Promoting Health

Seeing the need for on-going medical care, Servant’s Heart is providing the following:

  • Medical Clinics – Servant’s Heart operates two medical clinics that treat almost 35,000 patients each year. Many patients walk hours through the African bush for days to receive the hope of healing at these clinics.
  • Midwives/Birthing Assistants - Thirteen midwives work in this region and are supported by these clinics.   With their efforts, hundreds of healthy births now occur monthly, and the maternal/infant mortality rate has dropped significantly.
  • Local Training & Staffing - Servant’s Heart sponsors training for local Sudanese to be employed at the clinics. Providing skills and employment offers stability and economic growth to these fragile communities as they move towards self-sufficiency.
  • Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) – This disease affects hundreds in this region. Servant’s Heart has launched the first Leprosy treatment program with the support of the Government of Southern Sudan and UN World Health Organization. We provide healing to lepers and stop the spread of this debilitating disease.

Developing Literacy

Servant’s Heart improves community life and economic opportunity with education. By partnering with communities, attendance at Servant’s Heart schools is free. In return, school buildings are built and maintained by the local villages. Our three schools are the first schools ever in this region. Local leaders are trained and employed to teach nearly 3,000 students in grades 1-5. We believe God has called Servant’s Heart to Southern Sudan to bring His light and hope to a longsuffering people. Meeting the communities’ needs on multiple levels provides opportunities to share the gospel. As Servant’s Heart trains pastors and provides Bibles and hymnals in local languages, lay leaders are counseled on the teaching of Christian doctrine and churches are growing.

Shifting Paradigms

Servant’s Heart instills the “teach a man to fish” philosophy as we help communities cope with a wide range of needs. By leveraging local manpower, leadership and tribal structure, Servant’s Heart trains and employs local teachers, pastors and medical staff. Through creativity and cultural sensitivity, we motivate people to improve their own community. Your donations can assist by providing valuable resources to those who cannot yet provide for themselves. Please help us shift the paradigm by leading these villages from aid dependency to self-sufficiency. Your help can make a vital difference.

Mission Statement

As a responsible Christian organization, Servant's Heart seeks to honor God by serving the Christian church in restricted-access regions of the world with the goal of self-sufficiency. Servant's Heart addresses the community's immediate relief and developmental needs of spiritual growth, educational programs, public health and primary medical care, including support for agricultural and economic infrastructure.