Diane and Dennis Bennett have both assumed positions as members of the Servant's Heart board of directors. They look forward to working together to address problems in the South Sudan communities and work towards cost-effective solutions that work for everyone.

Thinking Strategically: Sustainable Development (Summer 2008)

The Financial Times of London hosted an online economic debate between Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University and William "Bill" Easterly of NYU, offering economic solutions to aiding the world's most needy.

Both Jeffery Sachs and Bill Easterly have outstanding credentials and are well known on the world stage. Sachs' book, The End of Poverty, proposes ways to meet Millennium Development Goals that were adopted by the United Nations as how to improve life in the world's poorest countries through funding from wealthy nations. As a former World Bank economist, Bill Easterly points out the failures of top-down development in his book The White Man's Burden. Paul Collier's The Bottom Billion is also referenced.

Dennis Bennett entered the online discussion with 25 years' experience in international banking and risk management, experience in Africa and co-founder of Servant's Heart. Here are his comments: I agree with Martin Wolf and with Professors Sachs, Easterly and Collier that the "Bottom Billion" require outside assistance to move them out of their current conditions. However, I strongly disagree with Professor Sachs that a large government- funded intervention is required to lift Africa out of its poverty trap. Rather, substantial positive gains can be achieved through private sector initiatives, when people are willing to develop creative solutions, transfer knowledge, and be persistent. It is the human element, accompanied by skillfully applied funding, that will lift Africa out of poverty.

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